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Upholstery Cleaning in Perth


Pride Carpet Cleaning is the best Upholstery cleaning service  in Perth and guarantee breathtaking results.

Pride Carpet Cleaning can Proffessionally steam clean any type of couch,dinining chair,sofa or armchair including:


we will treat and remove all stains where posiible,remove the cushions and clean the cushions seperately,then steam clean all surface areas of the loungesuite including:

The back,the sides,the headreasts,the arms,,the kick panel,the cushions,underneath the cushions and remove all stains where possible then Steam clean in all areas.
youll be amazed with the results its like buying your old lounge back as new

-Prices start from $100 per 3 seating positions for a fixed cushion loungesuite (that means your cushions are fixed to the loungesuite and dont come off)

$50 extra per 3 seating positions for a dettachable cushion loungesuite(that means your cushions come apart from the loungesuite) why the extra cost? this style of lounge suite nearly doubles the time and labour costs for our can avoid the surcharge by choosing to have the loungesuite cleaned as a fixed cushion loungesuite(cushions stay on the loungesuite during the cleaning process)

State of the art FIBRELOC Fabric protection is also available for an extra $50 per 3 seating positions.FIBRELOC contains beading technology wich means drinkspills will just bead off your Upholstery like water off a ducks back.truly amazing and exclusive to Pride


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